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What Google Can Teach You About A Web Series Budget

Numbers for web series budgets have been all over the map since the medium began When thinking about monetizing video content it’s important to keep your production budgets down and have enough marketing budget to make sure that the series gets the exposure that it needs in order to recoup (hopefully) the overall investment

Depending on the concept, audience and distribution channel the production budget can vary greatly, but there is a general ratio that can be helpful when determining where to spend your cash With the YouTube Original Channels, Google has openly announced their budget of $100 million to fund the original channel’s production and, just a few weeks ago, announced that they were investing $200 million to market that content

This 2:1 ratio of marketing budget to production budget is something to keep in mind and think about from the very early stages of a web show’s life While creatives often want to put as much money as possible on the screen, if you don’t have a robust marketing plan to match, people []

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    Produce like Philip DeFranco: 4 Tips for Developing a YouTube Channel

Produce like Philip DeFranco: 4 Tips for Developing a YouTube Channel

As the 100 YouTube Original Channels mature, Philip DeFranco’s SourceFed is a clear winner While many channels appear ambitious in scope, headline major talent (Madonna and Shaq?), and have confusing content programming, SourceFed has quickly acquired over 400,000 subscribers and averages over 150,000 views per upload – in a few short months

If YouTube is assuming 90% of the Original Channels will fail, SourceFed represents the 10% that did it right Proof? More content is being developed by DeFranco and friends Here are 4 ways to develop a YouTube channel like ‘SourceFed':

1 Don’t Skip on Development

The development process is the incubation period for the ‘idea’ and arguably the most important step I’m going out on a limb to say the SourceFed we see today wasn’t developed over a single lunch It was nurtured into a crisp channel with a handful of shows that make sense together Daily programming that isn’t confusing With content that delivers a consistent experience for the overall SourceFed brand

The common thread through SourceFed’s programming is its audience []

3 Tips for Injecting Commerce Into YouTube Videos

Driving social video commerce requires a direct call-to-action Audiences need instructions and nothing get’s them to buy like a clear call-to-action

For social video producers, a call-to-action for commerce can feel icky on their entertaining, creative content They fear polarizing their audience or being seen as “selling out” But there are ways to inject commerce into your social video while keeping the audience engaged:

New Antics’ latest video injects subtle commerce points into Terence Jay Music’s Diablo 3 music video

1 Annotation & End Slate Calls-To-Action

Use annotations to direct viewers mid-video to important links in your description Use the end slate to give your audience a “next step” now that the content has concluded Use voice over or a talking head to deliver effective action

In the Diablo 3 videowe have a persistent CTA to “Win the Armor” and a full end slate explaining what to do next including “buy the song” and “win the armor”

2 Commerce & Affiliate Links in the Description

Include URL’s with “http://” in your video’s description for commerce and affiliate links Sign up for Amazon’s Affiliate program or link directly to your own products

In the Diablo 3 []

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Video SEO in 5 Minutes

The first step to a great video SEO campaign is great video keyword research Deep detailed keyword analysis can take hours and even days, but not all of us are full time video marketers Here is a quick tip for those doing video marketing on the run


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Three Ways to Use Pinterest For Social Video Marketing

Pinterest? For video marketing? The answer is yes

While most people are using Pinterest strictly for sharing photos, it can also be used to share video content One of the biggest benefits of Pinterest is that it’s the only social platform that really gets content discovered outside of a given users network Your friends see it, but so do other Pinterest users giving your content a great opportunity to be seen by a new audience

Right now Pinterest users are mostly female and the most popular topics are in the fashion and food categories If your business touches either of these spaces, you must be on Pinterest If not, get on Pinterest and start creating collections around your industry so you can have an established channel as the audience expands

Here are a few tips to get the most out of Pinterest for your social video marketing efforts

Get More YouTube Views

Thumbnails are always critical This is doubly true on Pinterest as the site will pull the thumbnail of the video to be the primary image on Pinterest For a general YouTube channel, []

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